Classical Ballet Specialist Auditioning Training- Dance Vacation Program.

Dance Masters Caribbean

Frederic Jahn and Patricia Ruanne


have a “Work and Play” programme for professional dancers on vacation
and artistes recovering from injury, as well as a complete classical
training schedule for students requiring a higher level of dancing
technique and company auditioning skills





Nureyev Ruanne Jahn Dance Masters


A professional team specialising in the education and training of ballet students, directing, producing and teaching ballet companies as well as giving classical tuition combined with a Caribbean holiday. An emphasis on pointe work, the use of the metatarsal, port des bras, musicality, coordination and auditioning techniques are taught. Theatre craft, presentation and giving dancers confidence is given the utmost attention as is our teacher's teaching classes, during our workshops classes,where identification of corrections are concisely explained in a ballet dance studio.

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